KHL "GAZPROM NEFT CUP" / Video Mapping Show

It is a very interesting and large-scale project on creation of video content for projective show on the ice stadium devoted to opening of children's hockey tournament of KHL in Omsk, Russia.
The projective space was ice of stadium and two transparent FreeFormat screens. The content on both plates was synchronized. 14 projectors were used for the projection.
This project is both interesting and difficult because one of tasks was to create content, and to synchronize it with troupe of dancers who were part of the show. 



·      Concept Development/Art Direction
·      Storyboards
·      Oversaw staff of 2D and 3D designers and animators

Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.39.52Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.39.52
Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.40.20Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.40.20
Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.40.36Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.40.36
Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.40.59Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.40.59
Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.41.25Screenshot 2014-03-11 13.41.25


Producer: Ilya Makarov, Ivan Nefedkin  
Creative Director: Ivan Nefedkin
Art Director: Vitaliy Shytnev